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wearing his mask
to donate to The Bunny Museum

to assist with expenses accrued during
the year-long shutdown


Masks or face coverings are required.
As per CA CDC recommendations,
and because we have visitors from all over the world,
masks are required to stop all the variants.

Tickets are available at the door.
No reservations required.

e Bunny

photo by Eric Axene for Altadena Arts

Co-founders, Steve Lubanski and Candace Frazee are next to the museum's
"No Funny-Bunny Business in 2020"
— exhibit about COVID-19 pandemic —
to show support and thanks
for health care professionals
and essential front-line workers
(all blue items donated during the museum's year-long shutdown)





The Bunny Museum has to date


bunny objects

Bunnies aren’t just special for Easter.
Bunnies are a part of our everyday lives
from literature to film to advertising to slang.
Got dust bunnies in your home?
Remember rabbit ear antennas?
Do you know what a rabbet plane is?
Have you ever eaten a Welsh Rabbit?
Do you know what a dewlap is?
What’s a cecal?
Do you know that bunnies purr?

Can you see the bunny on the moon?
Were you born in the Year of the Bunny?
Why does a bunny keep on going and going?
Hop around and find out.
The Bunny Museum will inspire and instruct.




Point & Shoot cameras only permitted.
(e.g. cell phones)

Please: no flash, tripods, video cameras,
easels, or selfie sticks. 



The last ticketed entry time Mon-Sat 
is 5:30 pm
Museum closes at 6:00 pm

The last ticketed entry time Sun 
is 4:30 pm
Museum closes at 5:00 pm

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