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wearing his mask
to donate to The Bunny Museum

to assist with expenses accrued during
the year-long shutdown


Masks or face coverings are recommended.

Tickets are available at the door.

No reservations required.

e Bunny

photo by Eric Axene for Altadena Arts

Co-founders, Steve Lubanski and Candace Frazee are next to the museum's
"No Funny-Bunny Business in 2020"
— exhibit about COVID-19 pandemic —
to show support and thanks
for health care professionals
and essential front-line workers
(all blue items donated during the museum's year-long shutdown)





The Bunny Museum has to date


bunny objects

Bunnies aren’t just special for Easter.
Bunnies are a part of our everyday lives
from literature to film to advertising to slang.
Got dust bunnies in your home?
Remember rabbit ear antennas?
Do you know what a rabbet plane is?
Have you ever eaten a Welsh Rabbit?
Do you know what a dewlap is?
What’s a cecal?
Do you know that bunnies purr?

Can you see the bunny on the moon?
Were you born in the Year of the Bunny?
Why does a bunny keep on going and going?
Hop around and find out.
The Bunny Museum will inspire and instruct.




Point & Shoot cameras only permitted.
(e.g. cell phones)

Please: no flash, tripods, video cameras,
easels, or selfie sticks. 



The last ticketed entry time Mon-Sat 
is 5:30 pm
Museum closes at 6:00 pm

The last ticketed entry time Sun 
is 4:30 pm
Museum closes at 5:00 pm

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